2009 / 2010 Season


The Schedules are subject to change so please check your schedule before each game

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Tournament Brackets are subject to change - please check daily.

Girls 3rd Grade Schedule

Girls 3rd Grade Tournament Bracket

Boys 3rd Grade

Boys 3rd Grade Tournament Bracket

Girls 4th Grade Tournament Bracket

Girls 5th Grade

Girls 5th Grade Tournament Bracket

Boys 5th Grade

Boys 5th Grade Tournament Bracket

First Round Set -

Girls 6th Grade

Girls 6th Grade Tournament Bracket

Boys 6th Grade

Boys 6th Grade Tournament Bracket

Girls 7 & 8th Grade

Girls 7 & 8th Grade Tournament Bracket

Boys 7th & 8th Grade

YMCA Junior Division

CIBL / YMCA Boys Tournament Bracket

Girls 9 - 12th Grade

Girls 9-12th Grade Tournament Bracket

Boys 9-12 Grade Division

Note: The home team gets first option to provide a volunteer to work at the table to record the scorebook. The home team provides the game ball, however, the official may chose any ball he/she feels best for the game.

Warm up on the basket opposite your bench to start the game.

Coaches: Please provide the scorekeeper with a roster, preferably listed in jersey numerical order .

Jerseys must have numbers on the front and back. Teams who don't have proper numbering could be assessed a technical foul to start the game.