Tournament Brackets

2014 / 2015 Season


Girls 1st & 2nd Grade Division

Boys 1st & 2nd Grade Division

Girls 5th Grade Division

Boys 4th Grade Division

Girls 6 & 7th Grade Division

Boys 5th Grade Division

Girls 8 & 9th Grade

Boys 6th & 7th Grade Division

Girls Senior High Division

Boys 8th & 9th Grade Division

Participation rules apply for the tournament.

Note: The home team provides the game ball, however, the official may chose any ball he/she feels best for the game. The home team gets first option to provide a volunteer to work at the table to record the scorebook.

Warm up on the basket opposite your bench to start the game.

Coaches: Please provide the scorekeeper with a roster, preferably listed in jersey numerical order .

Jerseys must have numbers on the front and back. Teams who don't have proper numbering could be assessed a technical foul to start the game.