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3 v 3

1st and 2nd grade divisions

More play

More space

More fun

Basics: We will play 3 v 3 on a half court with all the other players acting as sideline passers.

Each team will split their players with the more skilled players going to one court and the lesser skilled going to the other. We will have two games going on, one on each half court.

All players will be involved in the game for the entire game as either a player on the court or as a sideline passer. Encourage your sideline passers to pay attention to the game and look for opportunities to receive passes. Encourage them to move to better positions so that they can help out a teammate in trouble.

Sideline passers can receive passes and pass the ball in. Sideline passers are allowed to move along the sideline during the game, but they cannot go onto the court. When they receive a pass, they are only allowed to pass it back in.

We will use size 4 ball (25.5), 8'0" high rims

We will have two 12 minute halves using a regulation clock, 5 minute halftime.

The game will start with a pass in by the designated home team.

teams are alowed 3 time-outs per game

Only man-to-man defense is allowed. However if a player with the ball gets away from a defender, another defender can switch off to help but no double teamming is allowed.

No stealing allowed. A defensive player is not allowed to steal the ball from a player who is dribbling or has control of the ball. (note: if a player with the ball intentionally attempts to run out the clock by taking advantage of this rule, then the official could call the 5 second closely guarded rule or call a technical - in extreme cases)

On a turn-over, the game will restart with a sideline passer passing the ball in.

When there is a steal or a defensive rebound, the team that was on offense must allow the other team to freely dribble and/or pass the ball out to a sideline passer. Please teach your players to stop playing defense until the ball is passed back in. Teach them to get inside the zone (inside the 3-point type of line) and match up with a player from the other team. The defense must be within the defensive zone until the ball is passed in. Once the ball is passed in (free pass outside the zone) the defense can fully defend in man-to-man style defense.

After a score play will resume with a pass-in by a sideline passer from the other team. This could be achieved by a defensive player getting the ball and passing quickly to a sideline passer who passes the ball in. Or, if needed, the official may hand the ball to the sideline passer.

Mercy rule: If a team achieves a 20 point lead, they must play defense inside the lane. If the other team gets the score to 10 or less then the mercy rule is called off.

Substitutions: At 3 minute intervals the officials will call for stubstitutions. At this point you can switch you sideline passers with players on the court.

All standard rules will be enforced. However, the officials will be lenient, especially for the first few games. The 3-second lane violation will be enforced but only for the obvious ones that would cause a team to get an advantage. Travelling and double dribbles will be called leniently, but they will and should be called. Please teach the pivot foot and one handed dribbles.

Foul shots will be administered for shooting fouls (2) and after the 7th foul of each half (1 and 1). The foul line will be marked 5' closer. Players will foul out on their 5th foul (very rare for this division).

We expect coaches to substitute so that all players play at least half the game on the court.